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Research on Collective Bargaining in Higher Ed


  • "The Faculty Role in Governance." At the four colleges studied, as the faculty associations grew, they increased their influence over institutional decisions. Download Abstract
  • "A Challenge to Academic Governance: Faculty Involvement Through Collective Bargaining Agreements." "The results ... suggest that unions and faculty may ... consider that issues beyond traditional compensation items can be negotiated to secure an appropriate professional relationship in matters affecting their ability to teach and serve students." Download Abstract
  • "An Analysis of Change in Faculty Influence over Academic Issues in the Collective Bargaining Agreements." At universities with faculty labor unions, "contract language did change toward greater levels of faculty influence," especially on faculty employment and security. Download Abstract
  • "A Study of Merit Pay as a Motivator of Faculty Performance at a Public University." "Survey findings ... demonstrated that the merit pay system did not bring about positive effects on faculty motivation, productivity, and satisfaction with salary levels. Rather, faculty reported that merit pay negatively affected morale, cooperation among faculty colleagues, and relationships between faculty and administrators." Download Abstract
  • "Compensation for Overloads and Summer Employment." At the 9 senior public institutions in Texas, summer instructional salaries varied from 8.3% to 11.1% per 3-hour course of the faculty member`s 9-month salary! Download Abstract
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